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The vegan protein bundle is the perfect all-natural alternative to protein supplementation for body-building. It contains a kilo each of brown rice protein and  pea protein, and a quarter kilo of maca root powder.

While a great protein alternative on its own, brown rice is low in lysine which help promote the release of human growth hormone and helps strengthen the bones. On the other hand, Pea protein is high lysine and a number of other aminos such as glutamic acid and arginine, both of which improve physical performance and subsequent recovery. Pea protein also offers a range of crucial branched-chain amino acids isoleucine, leucine, and valine, which have been shown to improve muscle protein synthesis.

Together, brown rice and pea protein provide a complete alternative to whey protein. If whey protein is causing you to have an acne breakout, or If you’re thinking of going vegan with your protein supplementation for the sake of cows or the environment, this bundle is for you. Whey is no longer the only way.

Our vegan protein powders are also pure. They have no sugar, flavoring, or any other added ingredients.

Also included in the bundle is 250g of maca root powder which is a powerful performance and recovery booster when taken at least 30 minutes prior to working out. It has a thermogenic effect that is activated by physical activity so you can burn more fat for better muscle definition.

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