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    • The Barley-Green Coffee is also known as "The BGC" is a blend of barley grass powder and green coffee extract, it also includes 50% HCA Garcinia Cambogia; sweetened with stevia leaf extract. The BGC Blend is specially formulated with all-natural ingredients to promote weight loss while strengthening your immune system and detoxifying the body.
    • Basic recipe for BGC blend smoothie
      • Ingredients for 1 serving:
        • 3 cups cold liquid. You may use the following:
          • Water
          • Unsweetened dairy alternative (max 1.5 cups. The rest is water)
        • 1 compact cup of banana and other fruits.
        • 2 heaping tablespoons BGC blend powder
      • Blend until smooth. Drink fresh.
      • Ingredients to avoid: 
        • Milk
        • Sugar
        • Canned fruits
        • Any fruit that is excessively sweet (ripe mangoes)
    • 15-day weight loss challenge instructions
      • Each day, record weight before you eat or drink anything. Take a picture of the front and the side of your body. Trust us, you will enjoy looking at the pictures when you're one.
      • Days 1-7
        • Schedule
          • 7:00am: Solid meal
          • 12:00pm: BGC smoothie
          • 5:00pm: BGC smoothie
        • Avoid or use only very minimally salt and sugar, rice, noodles, pasta.
        • Avoid rice, noodles, pasta. Instead, practice replace these with simple salads containing common vegetables.
        • High protein is OK (meats, fish, eggs, etc) but use minimal salt. If food is salty, ensure that your smoothies contain banana for potassium to counter excess sodium.
        • Keep in mind, sodium = water retention
      • Days 8-15
        • Schedule
          • 7:00am: BGC smoothie 
          • 11:00am: BGC smoothie
          • 3:00pm: BGC smoothie
          • 6:00pm: BGC smoothie
        • Snack on a teaspoonful of nuts along with your smoothie to satisfy the craving for something salty. But don’t overdo it. You’re not eating it for nutrition.
      • What to expect:
        • Sharp reduction in weight of up to 1kg per day, tapering off as you approach day 15
        • Barley is a detox ingredient. Expect frequent bowel movement in days 1-3. After 15 days, you will enjoy improved digestion after meals due to a healthier gut flora.
    • To check the pictures and testimonials of some people who tool the 15-day weight loss challenge, click here.

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