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Spirulina is an ancient cyanobacteria that has sustained many forms of life on earth long before humans existed. It is believed to have helped the evolution of the planet as a whole by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and by being a concentrated source of protein, vitamins, and minerals necessary for sustaining animal life. It easily multiplies and has remained unchanged since 3.5 billion years ago.

A common claim to fame of spirulina is when NASA called it the "food of the future".

Spirulina is an extremely rich source of chlorophyll which enriches the blood and detoxifies by flushing out heavy metals. Furthermore, chlorophyll oxygenates, alkalizes and balances our pH - a noteworthy benefit because althoughdoctors are very careful not to definitively label any natural product as "anti-cancer", it has been proven that cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen-rich, alkaline environment.

Apart from chlorophyll, Spirulina is also very high in protein, vitamins, and minerals that it is considered a complete superfood that one can depend on in survival situations.

The only real downside of spirulina is the taste. It has a fishy taste that requires getting used to for many people. This issue is solved by taking spirulina in tablet form. You can pop 10 to 20 tablets into your mouth and wash it down with water and you would have ensured avoiding any nutrition deficiency for an entire day - without having to deal with the taste as you would with spirulina powder.

Each tablet is only 250mg. A single pouch contains 1000 pcs, which if consumed at 20 pcs per day (once a day or 10 pcs twice daily), would last 50 days for 1 person.

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