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Roarganics Philippines

Roarganics Maca Root Powder

Roarganics Maca Root Powder

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 Maca Root Powder Also known as Peruvian ginseng, maca root is a superfood that gives that earthy punch of nutrients to support the heart and fertility, reduce hair loss, alleviate menopause syndromes, and boost energy and endurance, among others.   

Two tablespoons (28 grams) of maca root powder gives:

  • protein (4 grams)
  • fiber (2 grams)
  • vitamin C (133% of RDI)
  • copper (35% of RDI)
  • iron (23% of RDI)
  • potassium (16% of RDI)
  • vitamin B6 (15% of RDI)
  • manganese (10% of RDI)

Benefits of Maca Root Powder

Boosts Libido and Fertility

Maca root powder’s claim to fame is its ability to boost libido. This is supported by several studies, which show men, who took 3 grams of maca root powder per day, experienced an increase in libido. 

Alleviates Menopausal Symptoms

A drop in estrogen at menopause often causes women a lot of discomfort such as hot flashes, mood swings, sleep problems, and vaginal dryness, among others. 

Taking maca root powder has been proven by a study to alleviate menopausal symptoms and improve sleep quality. On top of this, maca root powder has been shown to improve mood and reduce blood pressure in women at the menopausal stage.

Enhances Energy and Athletic Performance

Athletes and bodybuilders, rejoice! Maca root powder is known to help increase muscle mass, strength, boost energy, and improve athletic performance.

A small study conducted among male cyclists, who took maca root powder for 14 days, showed an improved performance in completing a 40-km bike ride. 

Thickens Hair

Imbalanced hormones are one of the causes of hair loss. Taking maca root powder helps rebalance hormones and lower the effects of stress thus, hair growth. 


  • Boosts libido and fertility
  • Helps improve athletic performance
  • Alleviates menopause symptoms
  • Thickens hair

Suggested Use:

  • Blend in juice, smoothies, and shakes.
  • Mix in oats, baked goods, ice cream, and homemade energy bars.

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