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Roarganics Ground Milk Thistle

Roarganics Ground Milk Thistle

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Milk Thistle has traditionally been used as an herbal remedy for several ailments and to promote lactation. Nowadays, it’s a modern natural supplement that boosts our body’s overall health, protecting it from certain chronic diseases.  


It’s traditionally used to treat liver and gallbladder problems, promote breastmilk production, and protect the body from toxic substances like alcohol and poison. Nowadays, it’s still used to treat such issues but has also been found to manage insulin resistance and prevent chronic diseases, to name a few.   

Promotes Liver Health

Hail to milk thistle’s silymarin! Researchers speculate that it can reduce liver damage caused by free radicals due to its antioxidant properties. 

Preliminary studies suggest that silymarin may improve liver function by preventing toxic substances from binding to the liver. It may also serve as regular complementary therapy for people with compromised liver function. In fact, milk thistle is a supplement commonly taken by individuals diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis C, according to a survey.

A study also discovered how milk thistle could help reduce liver inflammation and damage. Similarly, it was found to slightly help extend the life expectancy of individuals diagnosed with cirrhosis due to excessive alcohol consumption.

Although commonly used as a complementary therapy for individuals with liver problems, there is still no evidence to prove that it can prevent anyone from getting a liver disease, especially with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Boosts Breast Milk Production

Traditionally used to boost breast milk production, milk thistle is thought to work by boosting prolactin, the milk-producing hormone, as reported by a study that shows how it helps lactating women produce 64% more milk.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Those with type-2 diabetes would do well in taking milk thistle as a complementary therapy to manage the condition. 

Silymarin’s been found to improve insulin sensitivity and decrease blood sugar levels, according to a study. Such finding is supported by another study which found how regular consumption of milk thistle could result in a significant lowering in fasting blood sugar levels. Consequently, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of milk thistle are found to help reduce the development of diabetic complications, like kidney problems, according to a study. Most recently, a 2020 review touts silymarin as a “promising substance” in treating insulin resistance in individuals with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Complements Cancer Treatment

Small studies discovered how milk thistle could help slow down cancer cell growth and possibly increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy for certain cancers, according to a report. Similarly, it’s been found to also help decrease the side effects of certain cancer treatments, like radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery.

Promotes Cognitive Health

Milk thistle’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help protect the brain from age-related decline in brain function as reported by a review. A study also discovered how milk thistle may help reduce the build-up of amyloid plaques, associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Helps Treat Acne

Goodbye, acne woes!

A study discovered how taking 210 mg of silymarin every day for two months can help decrease acne lesions by up to 53% - all thanks to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects silymarin is known for. In fact, regular consumption of milk thistle proves to have anti-aging effects on the skin, according to a report. So hello to glowing and more youthful skin!


  • Promotes liver health
  • Boost breast milk production
  • Complements cancer treatment
  • Promotes cognitive health
  • Promotes healthy skin

Suggested Use

  • Blend in juice, smoothies, shakes, and breakfast bowls.
  • Mix in the batter for baking goodies.


  • *Up to 420 mg per day in divided doses for up to 41 months

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