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Green coffee extract not only maintains ideal body weight, but it also lowers blood pressure and protects the body from chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, to name a few.

Green coffee extract comes from the same coffee beans except that it’s raw and unroasted. Anything green usually boasts a ton of healthful components, and green coffee is no exception. 

Its nutritional profile scores an abundant source of chlorogenic acidsknown for their powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory propertieswhich provides the body the health benefits a regular cup of Joe can’t. Much of the chlorogenic acids is lost during the roasting process of coffee beans. As such, green coffee extract makes it a better alternative to the usual roasted ones.

But don’t expect the taste to be the same as regular coffee. Its green color gives it a milder flavor akin to herbal tea but delivers the same coffee punch as the roasted one.

It is most ideal to take green coffee extract early morning or after meals.

As with all products which contain caffeine, please consult a physician first before taking any.


Helps Maintain an Ideal Body Weight

Caffeine has been shown to promote weight loss, reduce body mass index (BMI) as some studies suggest.

But green coffee’s high levels of chlorogenic acids trump the usual roasted coffee beans in promoting weight loss. Chlorogenic acid has also shown its ability to help lower blood sugar level and lessen insulin spikes by reducing carbohydrate absorption in the digestive tract.

Chlorogenic also boosts fat metabolism, lowers cholesterol, and improves obesity-related hormone levels. Lastly, chlorogenic also lowers the blood’s triglyceride levels. High triglyceride levels are indicators of heart disease and stroke. 

In another study, taking green coffee extract, together with a restricted diet has been shown to promote weight loss. And in a series of effects, green coffee helps lower bad cholesterol and free fatty acids. As such, the ideal body weight is either achieved or maintained.

Prevents or Controls Type 2 Diabetes

Because chlorogenic regulates the blood’s glucose and insulin levels, taking green coffee extract could also help and prevent type 2 diabetes. Taking green coffee extract at more than 400 mg per day has shown to improve insulin levels. At that dosage per day, green coffee also helps lower blood pressure, which has significant effects on heart health.


  • Great for weight-watchers and those with high cholesterol
  • Prevents type 2 diabetes
  • Our green coffee extract powder is the only green coffee product on the market that can be used as a 1:1 substitute to instant coffee powder. 

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