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      • A pleasant-tasting superfood that offers a number of health and beauty benefits that you just shouldn't pass up.

      • Provides an easy way keep your skin looking young and healthy.

      • Just pure, potent beetroot juice powder. No added ingredients.

    • Ships for free anywhere in the Philippines!

Improves exercise stamina

Want to last longer that your peers in group exercise sessions?

Another benefit that is most likely derived from beetroot’s nitrates is its ability to increase athletic stamina. Drinking beetroot juice before workout boosts physical performance and delays the onset of fatigue.

May prevent the onset and slow the progression of dementia

Nitrates in beets help increase blood flow to frontal lobe of the brain and may help slow down cognitive decline.  Frontal lobes are the areas strongly linked to behavior and cognition.

Adequate mental exercise along with a brain-enriching diet is the key to staying sharp. This important to keep in mind since the brain is just about the organ that doesn’t have to age along with all other parts of the body.

Helps lower blood pressure

Beetroot is good for lowering blood pressure. Although It’s not yet clear how beetroot does this, studies suggest that nitrates, compounds found in beet juice convert into nitric oxide which help relax the blood vessels.

Beetroot as part of an anti-cancer regimen

Betalains gives beets their red color. They have also been shown to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxification benefits. Studies have also suggested that betalains reduce cancer risk and lessen tumor cell growth.

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