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Barley grass powder is rich in vitamins A, B, and C and is known for its medicinal and healing properties. Barley grass powder is nutritious in minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. A single tablespoon of barley grass powder provides the body with more nutrients than the average daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.

An easy way to boost your nutrition uptake

Barley grass powder is extremely dense in nutrition. If you’re on a diet and you want something that is light in weight but heavy in content, you can mix one heaping tablespoon of barley grass powder in a glass of cold fruit juice. If you take it as a meal replacement, you would have taken more than the equivalent of the daily required serving of fruits and vegetables in terms of nutrition.

Chlorophyll and the fight against cancer

Chlorophyll is what makes plants green. It enriches the blood and promotes cell regeneration by increasing the presence of oxygen in the body. Research has shown that cancer cells cannot survive in an environment that is alkaline (the opposite of acidic) and rich in oxygen. Barley grass powder, through its high chlorophyll content, promotes both properties.

So whenever you drink a smoothie with barley grass because it tastes good and you like the way you feel afterward, you can also think of it as protection.

New discoveries in the importance of healthy gut bacteria

Barley grass supports a healthier and more effective function of the digestive system by increasing healthy gut flora (good bacteria) which contributes to a strong immune system, heart health, and effective digestion, and it may help prevent some cancers and autoimmune diseases.

In contrast, bad bacteria is what makes us sick.

Taking antibiotics, as it is sometimes necessary, reduces the overall population of bacteria (both good and bad) in the gut – and in worse cases helps in the development of drug-resistant strains of bad bacteria. Supplementation to restore healthy gut bacteria is an essential part of any recovery regimen.

Most interestingly, recent research indicate that there is a strong connection between our gut health and mental health, the way we feel and act - supporting the adage, "you are what you eat". This is an important consideration given that the effectiveness and quality of life are entirely dependent on brain function.

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