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  • Tongkat Ali comes from the roots of the Southeast Asian shrub, Eurycoma longifolia. It contains a number of flavonoids, alkaloids, and beneficial plant compounds with antioxidant properties. Because of its positive pharmacological effects, Asian countries traditionally use tongkat ali to treat various conditions like malaria, bacterial infections, fevers, erectile dysfunction, and male infertility.
  • Roarganics’ tongkat ali powder is not only perfect for men who want to improve their sexual function, but also for all genders of any age; as aside from its ability to increase libido, it also offers an array of other health benefits – and for you to enjoy all these, we make sure that our tongkat ali powder is made of 100% high-quality, dried tongkat ali roots.
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Health Benefits

  • Tongkat ali powder aids in boosting male fertility and libido or sexual desire by improving the quality and concentration of sperm in infertile men, and increasing the primary sex hormone, testosterone.
  • Tongkat ali is helpful to women with hormonal imbalance as it helps reduce symptoms like low sex drive, mental fog, fatigue, and slow metabolism – also minimizing the chance of age-related weight gain.
  • Tongkat Ali’s ability to improve testosterone levels can also have positive effects on overall bone health, preventing the occurrence of osteoporosis to elderly women.
  • Tongkat ali can also significantly lower the stress hormones in the body, resulting in a decreased anxiety and improved mood.
  • Several compounds in tongkat ali can help the body use energy more efficiently and reduce fatigue. Scientific studies also suggest that tongkat ali helps improve stamina, reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, and boost physical performance – making it a popular supplement among athletes and bodybuilders.
  • Tongkat ali also helps reduce the risk of heart problems, cognitive impairment, and insulin sensitivity.
  • The quassinoids and alkaloids in tongkat ali also contain plant chemicals that can prevent the growth of breast cancer cells, colon cancer cells, and leukemia.

Additional Information

  • DO YOU HAVE A MEMBERSHIP? We are not a network marketing or multi-level company. We don’t offer memberships. Anyone can buy our products.
  • WHICH TONGKAT ALI POWDER IS A BETTER DEAL? Our tongkat ali powder may seem more expensive than those sold by multi-level marketing companies but if you compare the number of grams of PURE tongkat ali powder of their product and ours, you will see that ours is definitely a better deal.
  • WHAT DOES IT TASTE LIKE? Tongkat ali contains quassinoids, which are known to be one of the bitterest compounds in nature. This compound is what gives tongkat ali its unique bitter taste – which is a good thing because if it is not bitter, then it may not be made of 100% real tongkat ali.
  • HOW DO YOU USE IT? Mix a quarter teaspoon of tongkat ali powder in any of your favorite drinks, whether hot or cold.
  • HOW MUCH CAN YOU TAKE IN A DAY? For starters, you can take 1/4 teaspoon daily, 5 days a week, and just increase the intake once desired.
  • IS IT SAFE FOR LACTATING WOMEN? There is still a lack of research regarding tongkat ali’s effects on breastfeeding women. Thus, it is better and advisable to consult your healthcare provider first before use.
  • DO YOU SELL WHOLESALE? Yes, we do. If you’re interested in buying wholesale for restaurant use, for use in making a finished product (ice cream, juice blend, etc.), or for resale, please email us at hello@roarganics.com.

How to Use

  • You can mix 1/4 teaspoon of tongkat ali powder in a hot cup of water to make an easy and healthy tongkat ali tea. You can also add honey or stevia to reduce the bitterness.
  • To disguise its distinct bitter flavor, try blending it with your morning smoothie, pre-workout shake, or favorite coffee blend and enjoy its nutrients without needing to deal with its pungent taste.