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  • Grape seed extract (GSE) powder is made from highly nutritious grape seeds. It is rich in antioxidants like phenolic acids, anthocyanins, flavonoids, an abundant amount of oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs) – its most active and famous ingredient responsible in almost all of its health benefits.
  • Roarganics’ grape seed extract powder is ideal for individuals who want to incorporate GSE’s nutrition into their daily nourishment without worrying about its quality and the harmful ingredients it may contain as our product is 100% ensured organic and chemical-free. Roarganics’ grape seed extract powder contains 95% proanthocyanidin (OPC) and is a “straight powder” – meaning, grape seeds are removed, dried, then directly pulverized into a fine powder, without any extenders and unneeded processes that can lose its important nutrients.   
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Health Benefits

  • Human studies indicate that grape seed extract, specifically its proanthocyanidin content, can speed up the wound healing process. The topical application of GSE also delays signs of skin aging by improving skin elasticity and sebum content.
  • Grape seed extract is also beneficial in improving bone density and bone strength because of its flavonoid content. Several studies suggest that it also has the potential of treating rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Scientific studies find out that grape seed extract can improve blood flow and prevent blood clotting, making it helpful for those with circulatory problems.
  • The natural antioxidants like flavonoids and proanthocyanidin in GSE can prevent the development of several types of cancer. Grape seed extract can even make some types of chemotherapy more effective.
  • Grape seed extract’s high amount of antioxidants helps reduce high blood pressure by protecting the blood vessels from being damaged.
  • Grape seed extract is also helpful in preventing cognitive impairment caused by aging because of its proanthocyanidin content which acts as a neuroprotectant in the hippocampus, making it beneficial for those with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Grape seed extract helps reduce oxidative stress, decrease oxidation of LDL or bad cholesterol, and prevent the hardening of arteries, minimizing the chance of heart disease and further heart damage. 

Additional Information

  • DO YOU HAVE A MEMBERSHIP? We are not a network marketing or multi-level company. We don’t offer memberships. Anyone can buy our products.
  • WHICH GRAPE SEED EXTRACT POWDER IS A BETTER DEAL? Our grape seed extract powder may seem more expensive than those sold by multi-level marketing companies but if you compare the number of grams of PURE grape seed extract powder of their product and ours, you will see that ours is definitely a better deal.
  • WHAT DOES IT TASTE LIKE? Our grape seed extract powder is made from 100% pure and ground grape seeds, thus, it has a very bitter taste.
  • HOW DO YOU USE IT? To make it palatable, grape seed extract is best mixed with flavors that can mask its bitterness. With this, you can blend 1/8 teaspoon of grape seed extract powder in your cup of coffee or hot chocolate every morning.
  • HOW MUCH CAN YOU TAKE IN A DAY? There is no firmly established dosage of grape seed extract yet. However, to experience its wide range of benefits, just 1/8 teaspoon of it daily is already enough.
  • IS IT SAFE FOR LACTATING WOMEN? There is still a lack of evidence regarding grape seed extract’s effects on lactating women. Hence, it is better for breastfeeding mothers to consult your physician first before use.
  • DO YOU SELL WHOLESALE? Yes, we do. If you’re interested in buying wholesale for restaurant use, for use in making a finished product (ice cream, juice blend, etc.), or for resale, please email us at hello@roarganics.com. 

How to Use

  • Add 1/8 teaspoon of grape seed extract powder into your cup of coffee or hot chocolate every morning. Of all possible drinks, these are the most ideal ones to mix this superfood since these have strong flavors that can help its bitter taste unrecognizable.
  • You can also just blend grape seed extract into different types of beverages like fruit juices, shakes, and smoothies to make the sweetness of these fight its pungent flavor.
  • If you are strong enough to deal with its unpleasant taste, just mix 1/8 teaspoon of grape seed extract powder into a glass of plain water and drink straightly to enjoy its nutrients to the fullest.