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The BGC weight loss bundle consists of a kilo of barley grass powder and a quarter kilo of green coffee extract. If used according to the program, it can lead to a reduction of up to a kilo of body weight per day via full meal replacement. After using it to lose weight, it can also function as a way to prevent gaining back weight while ensuring the intake of optimum levels of nutrition via partial meal replacement.

WARNING: It’s very effective but the immediate weight loss may not be ideal if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have low blood pressure or have other medical conditions. If unsure, you may consult your doctor. All information provided on this site are for educational purposes only. 

For complete details on how the program works, click here.


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6 reviews
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6 reviews for BGC Instant Weight Loss Bundle

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sexyness Achieved!Hi ! I'm Lowela Jane, 24 yrs. Old . I have 2 kids,

    Dahil may 2 anak nako. Eto mataba , or chubby nga ako. Di ko na maibalik ang Dati kong katawan, kasi mahirap na imaintain . Masarap kumaen, lalo na ung may makakasalubong kang street food, junk food, fast food, Mahirap iwasan, pero sabe ko I'll try my best naman.

    Nung nalaman ko yung BGC Product. Na challenge ako sa sarili ko, sabe ko, sige, susubukan ko.

    Nag bo boiled egg ako, thrice a day. Then more on water talaga ko, sobrang lakas ko sa water, so ayun. Every 10mins. Naiihi ako. Ihing ihi talaga. Tas thrice a day din ako nadudume, ayun ata ang effect saken.

    Then after 1 week, i lose 1kg. Or 2kg. Pero laki na ng ninipis ng katawan ko. Nag umpisa sa braso at binti. Pero yung tummy ko, same padin. Di ko din sya ma maintain ng thrice a day uminom. Kasi nasa work ako. Napapanis kasi sya.

    So pag hapon, nagmemeryenda ako ng boiled egg or saging saba. But I'm thanksful sa BGC. Kasi kahit sobrang crave ko. Naiiwasan ko pa ding wag kumain.

    From 61kg to 58 kg. Sometimes nag 57kg Pa 😂. Pero madami nagsabe saken na anlaki na ng pinayat ko talaga. 😊😍

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    It happens!WEEK 1

    I started my BGC journey with 54kg (almost, haha). I am 5’4” tall with an ideal weight of 50kg. That's 4kg overweight (for me)- and I need to lose that with the aid of the BGC diet program.

    (Nabibigatan talaga ako sa sarili ko and sumasakit likod ko) Gaining weight is gaining pain. Kasi meren akong scoliosis.

    Losing weight is never easy, especially if I'm just sitting all day in the office.

    The worst part is eating fast food which makes me feel bloated and constipated.

    I eat everything I want.
    I have a big stomach. Haha! I may look “sakto lang” but I really eat a lot.

    I did ‘one meal a day’ on the first week of my BGC diet. Honestly, with RICE during lunch and cheatdays on the weekend. Lol.

    This is challenging. Dealing with my food cravings. More so with friends who ask to eat out and tease you to eat. But I survived.


    FINALLY 😅 Less Bloated. Less Guilt. I feel light. I feel good. I feel healthier.

    Here’s my BGC Routine:
    Breakfast- BGC
    Lunch-Meal (less than usual)
    Snack-BGC (Sometimes I eat sweets)
    Dinner-BGC (I have to admit, on one weekday, I had Burger King) HAHAHAHA!

    I’m so happy I'm not constipated anymore, my bowel movement was normal. I lose weight but I don’t look skinny nor feel weak.


    I’m surprised! From 54-48kg.
    I didn’t expect that I would lose this much :)
    But I felt better :)

    Girls, Its not easy especially when you always crave for something.(Yes that’s who I am).
    You really have to be committed, disciplined and motivated. When you really want something, you’ll work for it.

    Before, when I control my food intake, I shed pounds easily.
    But now that I’m already 24 years old, I find it hard to lose weight. The reason might be the slow metabolism, lack of exercise and bad-eating habits.

    Thank you BGC diet for helping me to be healthy and feel good about myself :)

  3. 5 out of 5

    Too good to be true? So true!To begin, I'm a 23 year old career woman. I have my own Events business and works as a full time Event Coordinator / Planner. I also works as a part time Online English tutor. My everyday life was always busy. Food was my stress reliever and I have no time for gym, as I prefer to sleep on my free time. But everytime I look at my throwbacks, I would like to go back time and enjoy my sexybod.

    It was July 11,2018 when I received my Roarganics BGC package. At first, I was really hesitant if I can commit myself to the 3-weeks-challenge because I will be replacing my meals with a smoothie. Just thinking of it, I'm too afraid to feel hungry or dizzy because I'm working at the same time.

    Day 01: I weigh myself and I was 67.2 kg. As I really want to loose a lot, I decided to commit to a full meal replacement. The smoothie was 3pcs bananas, 2 tbs barley, 1/2 tap of green coffee and water (half of my tumbler). I take my smoothie at 9am - 12:30pm - 4:00pm - 7:30pm. Surprisingly, I wasn't hungry nor dizzy. It just feels like a normal meal I usually had. On my 2nd day, I loose 1kg! Yes, that fast! That gave me the motivation to be committed more.

    Fast forward, on my 1st week.. It became more than just a meal replacement program. I started to have my cravings. The meal replacement program became a challenge and a self test. Challenge if you still commit not to eat solid meals and self test if you can be honest to yourself. But looking at the results, I already loose about 3 kg. And so I said "Besh, tyaga lang". I ate unsalted nuts to ease the cravings and drink lots of water so I won't think that I'm hungry.

    Week 2 was much better than week 1. Your cravings will no longer be there. You won't feel hungry and you'll be more satisfied with the smoothie itself. I now weigh 62.6 kg. Compared on the first week, dropping weight could be slower. But you'll feel lighter and feel energized as well. And so I decided to add atleast 1 hour Zumba to my everyday routine. I added 2 boiled eggs on my breakfast and it was enough to sustain the extra energy I used for my exercise.

    On my 3rd week, I can say it was a success! I'm now 59.8kg. My tummy was visibly smaller and my legs were tighter. My double chin was gone. It was truly amazing!

    Overall all, It was something I didn't expect! The taste will depend on the banana you'll use. It's sweet but something like matcha. The effect is not the same of the usual fat burning tea. You'll just have a regular vowel movement in the morning and evening but it won't make you feel like you have a diarrhea or whatsoever. Eto yung product na pwede sa maarte, and definitely not overrated.

    Yes, what you see is what you get. Just focus, commit and 100% you'll get what you deserve!

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  4. 5 out of 5

    Amazing Product!!!Before i started with this Awesome BGC Diet... I am breastfeeding mom and a full time House wife . I never expect that this product help me a lot about my weight problem coz it is never easy to me to get regular exercise since i have to take care of my 2 year old daughter.

    Staring Weight: 65.6

    I decided to comit my self with this meal replacement program while taking 1 meal a day to ensure that I'll still lactate. My daily schedule would be.... 8 AM, 11:30 PM, 4PM, 7PM AND 10 PM... And by the way the smoothie taste great, i usually add 1 more banana to make it more sweeter it depends on you if you like to add more. To substitute my cravings i eat 10 pcs peanuts or 1 banana...
    After a week i lost 2 kilos but you can notice the difference between day 0 and day 7 and my tummy get a little smaller than before..

    2nd week
    Naandun parin yung crave especially im a lactating mom with mapangasar na hubby... So i decided to eat 2 boiled egg and have a 30 minute Workout, more on core.
    And guess what... My colar bone is noticeable than before and i now weigh 63 kilos.

    3rd week
    Im now 60.3 kilos... My tummy gets smaller and my double chin was still there but not like before...i can tell that its effective kasi di mo iisipin na in that short period of time you can loose almost 5 kilos with a little bit work out.... Just wow! For a lactating mom like me... I will recommend this to my co mommies na hirap din mag papayat like me.

    Oh by the way...i recommend 3 bananas for those who do not like the taste of matcha.And everytime you feel hungry just drink your smoothie... Because its enough to make you full and also you'll just have regular bowel
    Esp for those who always constipated... I promised you're gonna love this product just like me!

    Get 10% off the regular price of the BGC Bundle with the discount code HEARMEROAR

  5. 5 out of 5

    The Last HurrahI have previously posted about my BGC one week journey, and I was loving it! I wasn't able to post my review right away but I kept using it for another week, and ta-dah! I lost several more kilos in just a week! Maybe one reason for losing so much (76.80 to 69.60) was because I got sick that week, but at the same time, I still faithfully took the BGC smoothie as scheduled everyday like a prayer. And this was the result! Like I mentioned in my first review, I began at 78.05 kilos. Now I'm down to 69.60. I couldn't be happier. I lost all those unwanted water weight and some fats. The BGC is totally the final effort that I needed. Thank you!

    Get 10% off the regular price of the BGC Bundle with the discount code HEARMEROAR

  6. 5 out of 5

    My Weight Loss HallelujahI'm a 28-year-old, and I'm not proud to say that I am overweight to obese at half my time here on Earth. I love to eat but my eating habits are as irregular and unhealthy as they can get, which resulted to this. I almost never eat breakfast, and almost never drink water either. In return, my metabolism was as screwed as my body weight of a whopping 78.05 kilos. So when my 8-year-boyfriend left to marry his ex, I was devastated and desperate to lose weight. I wanted to become beautiful again, to love who I see in the mirror. Actually, I have tried many weight loss methods before. They will work at the shortest period and then backfire and return all the fats I lost and more as fast as I can say hallelujah. Until I found the BGC Loss Program on social media. And am I willing to try it? Why, I didn't waste another second. The moment I got the product package, I was excited and positive that this is the answer. I first started fixing my eating routine by setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to eat small but healthy portions every 3 to 4 hours and to drink a glass of water every hour. I did this for a week, and when my body started responding to the change, I started the program. I have been taking BGC for a week now, making it a total meal replacement. The first few days aren't easy. I crave for real food. But the smoothie is tasty and convenient, making the program very manageable. Every time I crave for something, I snack on fruits or nuts or sodium-free broth. And after all that, the sacrifice was worth it. I lost 1.25 kilos in just 7 days, and my tummy is way flatter than the first day! I think I lost more body fat than weight, because the changes are really visible. If I could lose so much fat in just a week with BGC, I can't imagine the wonders it'll do if I make it a part of my lifestyle. So overall, I happily give the BGC Weight Loss Program a big thumbs up. If anybody seeks a quick way to shed some kilos, I would definitely recommend it.

    Get 10% off the regular price of the BGC Bundle with the discount code HEARMEROAR

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