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  • Acai berry grows on acai palm trees in Amazonian rainforests, the reason why it is also called the Amazonian superfruit. Compared to other berries, acai provides more protein, healthy fats, calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C. It is also lower in sugar content and higher in antioxidant properties, defeating other more 300 antioxidant-rich foods.
  • Because this Amazonian superfruit easily ferments and is rarely in fresh condition, Roarganics can find a solution. Roarganics offers an acai berry powder that is made from 100% pure acai berries without any preservatives and food coloring added, making it have a longer shelf life but with the same nutritional and dietary benefits.  
  • Roarganics acai berry powder is the perfect choice for individuals who like to experience acai berries’ essential nutrients and overall health benefits to the fullest since compared to other brands, ours does not contain any unnecessary ingredients and is a hundred percent all-natural.
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Health Benefits

  • Acai berry powder’s high-antioxidant content helps fight free radicals in the body, preventing the risk of several chronic diseases while also boosting the immune system.  
  • Acai berry powder is also rich in a plant compound called anthocyanins, which is famous for its potent anti-cancer benefits, ability to improve overall heart health, and capacity to enhance memory and total brain function. 
  • Acai berry powder may also help in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol with the help of the fatty acids and plant sterols it contains.
  • The essential amino acids present in acai berry helps promote muscle performance, stamina, and boost energy levels.
  • Acai berry powder also contains vital antioxidants and vitamins and minerals that can keep the skin healthy and free from blemishes.
  • The polyphenols in the acai berry also help delay aging and prevent diseases such as cancer from occurring.
  • Acai berry powder is a good source of antioxidants and fibre, which is healthy for the gut as it improves digestion and prevents constipation.
  • The fibre and fatty acid properties of acai berries also aid weight loss by burning fat easily, decreasing the appetite, and increasing metabolism.

Additional Information

  • DO YOU HAVE A MEMBERSHIP? We are not a network marketing or multi-level company. We don’t offer memberships. Anyone can buy our products.
  • WHICH ACAI BERRY POWDER IS A BETTER DEAL? Our acai berry powder may seem more expensive than those sold by multi-level marketing companies but if you compare the number of grams of PURE acai berry powder of their product and ours, you will see that ours is definitely a better deal.
  • WHAT DOES IT TASTE LIKE? Roarganics acai berry powder has a sweet and mildly earthy taste. Though some say it tastes like a cross between raspberries and chocolates, and a mix of blackberries and pomegranate, it may be because of the unique flavor of the fruit itself.
  • HOW DO YOU USE IT? Mix the acai berry powder in any fruit juice or smoothie, or add it on your breakfast bowl, snack, or favorite dessert.
  • HOW MUCH CAN YOU TAKE IN A DAY? There is no limit to how much acai berry you can consume, but the recommended dosage of powdered acai is 2 tablespoons per 10-12 ounces of water taken once or twice daily.
  • IS IT SAFE FOR LACTATING WOMEN? There is no scientific study yet showing that acai berries are not safe for breastfeeding women. However, though these berries have reputable benefits on human health, including those of women, it is better and advisable to consult your physician first before including it in your diet.
  • DO YOU SELL WHOLESALE? Yes, we do. If you’re interested in buying wholesale for restaurant use, for use in making a finished product (ice cream, juice blend, etc.), or for resale, please email us at hello@roarganics.com. 

How to Use

  • Looking for a healthy way to start your day? Just combine a tablespoon of acai berry powder, half cup of coconut water, and any of your favorite frozen fruits into a blender until thick and creamy. Put this into a bowl and add your favorite toppings like nuts, berries, sliced fruits, and granola and you instantly have your healthy acai berry bowl.
  • If you are looking for a refreshing smoothie recipe that tastes good but at the same time provides the essential nutrients the body needs, process 4 tablespoons of acai powder, 2 frozen bananas, a cup of frozen strawberries and raspberries in equal measure, and a cup of water/orange juice/almond milk into a blender until smooth. Put it into a glass and enjoy any time of the day.
  • To fully enjoy the benefits of acai berry powder, try adding it into any of your favorite snacks or desserts like yogurt, pudding, gelatin, or even ice cream.