Wholesale and Distribution

Help us spread the love for health and fitness by becoming a Roarganics distributor. Roarganics wants to empower entrepreneurs who are looking for an affordable but profitable business you can take pride in owning. 


A reseller is person or a business that sells our products in a physical store or online. You could be a healthcare practitioner, a fitness coach, or just somebody who is passionate about helping people with products that make a difference.
There's just a minimal purchase value required and no monthly maintaining purchase so you can move at your own pace. You can mix and match products based on what you can move. 


    There are three distributorship levels above resellers: City, Provincial, and Regional.
    They are allowed to sell retail as well but are required to store enough stocks to supply resellers (and distributors, in the case of provincial and regional) within their areas of coverage and be able to build up and maintain a certain number of lower-level distribution accounts directly under theirs. 


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