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How to do the BGC


We started selling the BGC bundle in 2016 and since then it has become increasingly popular among customers in the Philippines and abroad. Its much-deserved attention is due to its effectiveness.

In any given year, countless products come and go trying to take advantage of the weight loss season which starts in January. But alas, most of them can’t live up to their hype and fade away as fads do after a few months. Don’t get us wrong, there are SOME products out there that are effective – but we haven’t found anything as EFFECTIVE, FAST and HEALTHY as the BGC.

This article talks about how to do the BGC correctly. Read it when deciding if you’re going to buy a package, or if you already have one and you want to make sure you do it right. Remember: It’s not magic. You have to follow the program to get results. Save this page for future reference and for sharing.

The BGC bundle contains two products: a kilo of pure barley grass powder and a quarter kilo of green coffee extract. Take note, what we have is green coffee EXTRACT, not just plain raw coffee beans that have been ground up that offered by other companies. It’s a lot more potent. Yes, it’s cheaper if you get the bundle than if you get the products separately.


To make a serving of the BGC smoothie, just throw the following in the blender and blend until smooth:

  • 2-3 small native bananas or 1 big gringo-size banana
  • 3-4 heaping tablespoons of barley grass powder
  • ½ teaspoon to a full teaspoon of green coffee extract
  • Your choice of liquid. You can choose from: either 8 oz cold water, or 4 oz cold water with 4 oz soy/nut milk

There are two ways to the BGC: full meal replacement and partial meal replacement. The bundle should last you around 4 weeks if you do full, and around 5 weeks if you do partial.

Partial Meal Replacement

1. Eat 1 solid meal for breakfast (or your first meal upon waking up)

2. Take a BGC smoothie every 4 hours, maximum 4 times a day

3. Stick to your schedule. Never allow yourself to get hungry.

Full Meal Replacement

1. Take a BGC smoothie for breakfast.

2. Take a BGC smoothie every four hours, maximum 5 times a day.

3. Stick to your schedule. Never allow yourself to get hungry

The difference between Partial and Full Meal Replacement is the amount of commitment required and the speed at which results are attained. Needless to say, the full meal replacement is the faster way to lose weight. But either way, the results are still fast relative to what you get from other products or programs from other companies.

Ideally, you can start doing full meal replacement for three weeks for immediate results (if that’s what you want).  Then do partial meal replacement from the 21st day onwards to keep your weight under control. When you’ve reached your ideal weight, you can continue doing partial using the BGC weight loss bundle if you don’t work out or you can switch to the Vegan Protein Bundle if you want to start working out and go after muscle definition.

After doing the partial meal replacement for some time, you will realize that your body can actually function optimally even with just one solid meal daily. That said, you’d realize too that you’ve been overeating all along with 3 to 4 solid meals per day.

An added benefit? You save a ton of money and time by eating only one solid meal per day – even if you maintain with 1 BGC bundle every month. Do the math, we’re not kidding.


Here are a few more Dos and Don’ts to help ensure your results.

  • ·        DO make a record of your weight before and after each serving. You’d be amazed to see how fast your weight drops in a matter of hours on your first day. This is also useful for determining the effects of certain foods and activities to your weight.

    ·         If you’re doing partial meal replacement…

    o   DO make sure to make your solid meal count. Make sure it’s delicious and rewarding, but don’t overeat.

    o   Do keep it low in salt, sugar, and carbs. Now is a good time to experiment cooking with different herbs and spices in the absence of salt.

    o   DO refrain from eating rice, bread, pasta and noodles

    ·         You can snack on nuts and chips when you crave something salty. But only eat enough to satisfy the craving – not enough to ruin your progress. Have a limit of one small bag per day and avoid MSG.

    ·         If the smoothie isn’t sweet enough, use riper bananas. DON’T add sugar.

    ·         DO stay away from dairy while on the BGC. If you wonder why cow’s milk makes you big, just think: it’s originally intended for turning calves into cattle – animals that are significantly larger than humans.

    ·         If you’re working out while doing the BGC (full or partial), you may eat hard boiled eggs. Ask your trainer how many pieces you need to eat per day to fill your protein needs.

    ·         A single serving of the BGC is very filling but it goes down fast. DON’T allow yourself to get hungry. Missing a serving is counterproductive as your body will adjust by lowering your metabolism.

    ·         And lastly, DO take front view and side view pictures of yourself every morning. Choose a tightfitting attire that bares your midsection. Wear this in every picture. Results are best appreciated when they are visible. Trust us, you’re going to regret not doing this. It’s like your certificate of completion 🙂

Jerrica, Front
Jerrica, Side

Photos  of Jerrica Delos Reyes who did full meal replacement for three weeks in August 2018. No exercise involved. She simply followed all the steps and tips above. Results vary from person to person depending on a number of factors such as metabolism, physical activity, rest, etc. 

That’s all there is to it! The BGC is hands down the most effective and healthiest way to lose a lot of weight in the shortest amount of time, without exercise. If you or anyone you know wants or needs to lose weight for any reason under the sun, this is the way to go.

If you’d like to share your results, you can post a review on the product page of the BGC bundle. We’d really appreciate it!


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