She drank the BGC for 15 days. This happened.

She drank the BGC for 15 days. This happened.

The BGC is Roarganics' proprietary blend of superfoods specially formulated for those who want to lose the most amount of weight in the shortest amount of time - with or without exercise. It contains a combination of barley grass powder, green coffee extract, garcinia cambogia extract, and stevia.

It can be used as healthy meal replacement, resulting in the shedding of unwanted pounds without starving yourself.

This article features the amazing experience of one of our customers who did full meal replacement for 15 days. Below is her review...

My name is Emerald, mother of two. Ever since my first pregnancy, as many moms could attest, weight management has always been a struggle. Since then I’ve always been on the lookout for ways to lose weight.

When I first heard about the BGC blend, I have to admit that I was skeptic about it. There are a lot of products out there for weight loss, and perhaps yes, all the claims about their benefit to weight management are true – but only to some extent. I’ve tried many of them.

But I decided to give the 15-day challenge a try because even if I failed, hey, what’s two weeks right?


After a couple of days, the BGC exceeded my expectations. Not only did it do what it was supposed to do, I also felt very satiated after every glass. It’s energizing in a clean way (not like when you OD on energy drinks), and because it has green coffee extract, I didn’t even have to drink coffee anymore!

 I gave Roarganics the permission to post them, unedited, in hopes of inspiring others (especially women) to take on the same challenge. I sincerely believe that if they follow the steps, they will experience similar results.

The end result? 5.2 kilos (11.44 lbs) and a flat stomach in as little as two weeks. 

If you want to try the BGC please keep in mind that results vary from individual to individual and it also largely depends on your dedication to sticking to the plan. For example, replacing all your meals with the BGC smoothie will definitely yield faster reduction in weight than replacing just one or two meals per day. 

A 180g pack of the BGC is good for 18 servings or 6 days worth of full meal replacement. A 1000g bag is good for 100 servings, good for 33 days (although we haven't heard of anyone sticking to full meal replacement for that long). 

Need to shed a few pounds fast? Don't delay! Order your BGC blend here. 

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