What Are Acai Berries?

What Are Acai Berries?

The Amazon Jungle contains the widest variety of the lushest vegetation on the planet. Even today, researchers and scientists have yet to discover and document every species of the vast amount of flora that thrives in the region. With each new find, the scientific and medical communities of the world become more and more aware of the special therapeutic and medicinal properties held by certain plants and fruits. Among the more recent finds of the past few decades, it is the fruit of the palmย Euterpe oleracea, more commonly known as acai berry, that has excited the most interest.

The acai (pronounced as ah-sigh-ee) berry has long been considered the most important part of the diet of the native population, comprising up to 42% of the weight of their daily food intake. It is usually ground up and mixed with various ingredients before being consumed mere hours after the berries are picked. Its special properties have remained largely unknown to the rest of the world because the active components found in the juices of the acai berry remain active for only 24 hours after being harvested. By using revolutionary method of freeze-drying the freshly picked fruit, Roarganics is able to deliver top quality acai powder that maintains the berryโ€™s full nutritional values and benefits as well as its natural flavor.

Acai berries are rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, protein, dietary fiber, calcium, and several essential vitamins, making it one of natureโ€™s best superfoods. In Brazil, it is well known for its energy and strength boosting capabilities, making it popular among athletes, bodybuilders, and people who party the night away. It has also gained a reputation both as an aphrodisiac and as a fertility enhancer, and is often sold as such on the beaches of Brazil. As a result of these documented effects, most Brazilians regard it is a popular flavor of ice cream, and it is often used as an ingredient in sherbets and smoothies.

In recent times, acai has found growing popularity as a diet food, with many acai based diets being promoted on TV, in magazines and on the internet. Entire multi-level marketing programs have been built around acai-based products, often claiming โ€˜miraculousโ€™ results within ridiculously short timeframes. While acai may indeed be used as an integral part of a weight loss program, its abilities are often overly exaggerated. Most of the so-called acai diet products often contain very little of the actual acai berry extracts, which are often diluted with artificial ingredients and flavors. Some of these products also ignore the acai berryโ€™s many other health benefits, such as its high antioxidant content and cancer-fighting abilities. This has caused acai to receive negative publicity, with many deceived consumers being left feeling ripped off. As part of our commitment to promoting healthy lifestyle choices, Roarganics offers only 100% undiluted pure acai powder so that our customers can experience the true benefits of this remarkable fruit.

Acai contains large amounts of anthocyanins, which are plant pigments that are responsible for acaiโ€™s dark purplish black skin. It is also found in red wines, and scientists believe them to be able to lower the risk of heart attacks. A higher anthocyanin value also signals higher antioxidant content. Antioxidants are substances which prevent cellular damage from by neutralizing free radicals, which are a byproduct of oxidation at the molecular level. By preventing cellular damage, antioxidants prevent the development of cancer and slow down the effects of aging. Studies have shown acai to rate very highly on the Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity or ORAC scale. Acai berry juice also contains over 10 times more anthocyanins than red wine, making it more effective in protecting the body from all types of damage. A single serving of acai provides over double the amount of the recommended daily consumption of antioxidants.

The acai berry is also a good source of oleic acid and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Both types of omega fatty acids are essential in the growth and development of the bodyโ€™s tissues, and play a role in protecting the bodyโ€™s cardiovascular system. Oleic acid helps the body absorb these omega-3 fatty acids more efficiently, which has the effect of keeping our cellโ€™s membranes more pliable and absorbent. This in turn makes the bodyโ€™s hormones and neurotransmitters function more effectively.

Acai may be served in a number of ways. It may be mixed with fruit, milk, and yogurt to make a delicious and nutritious energy-filled porridge. It also makes an excellent addition to smoothies and milkshakes. When mixed with granola and other dried fruits, acai can make an excellent healthy snack for consuming at home or outdoors.

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