Four girls took the BGC for 15 days. This is what happened.

Four girls took the BGC for 15 days. This is what happened.

We found four girls who agreed to go on our prescribed 15-day BGC regimen. Here are their experiences and results. (We had them wear the same clothes on purpose so you can how they fit differently as they get smaller).

  • Esmeralda Matsugutchi
    • Total weight lost in 15 days: 5.2 kgs (11.44 lbs)
    • Progression

    • What she has to say:
I’m a mother of two. Weight management has always been a struggle since my first pregnancy.

Like many mothers out there, I’ve tried many kinds of slimming products and diet programs to no avail. So naturally, I approached the BGC with low expectations. I was given a 2-week program and I committed. Afterall, what’s two weeks?

During my first 7 days, I ate a solid meal for breakfast and took 3 servings of the BGC, once every four hours. After just two days, I became a believer. You may be amazed when you look at my numbers and my pictures, but trust me, it’s even more amazing when it’s happening to you.

On day 8, I switched to full meal replacement. I replaced my breakfast with the smoothie, with my BGC totaling four servings a day, once every four hours.
I highly recommend the BGC to anyone looking for a fast and healthy way to lose weight. All throughout the 2 weeks, I never felt lethargic. Just the opposite, it made me feel more energized. So much so, I didn’t even need coffee.


  • Tammy Lumanglas
    • Total weight lost in 15 days: 9.4 kgs (20.68 lbs)
    • Progression

    • What she has to say:
I’m a mom, a YouTube content creator, and a full-time business development manager at an IT company. Like most moms, I gained a lot of weight when I got pregnant. Me and 3 of my friends decided to do the 2-week BGC weight loss challenge. And it worked! I lost a whopping 9.4 kilos in just 15 days.
For those who want to give it a try, here’s my advice: once you commit, you must trust the program. The first 3 days may be difficult, but the rest will be a breeze. DO NOT miss your schedule and don’t try to cheat. Keep in mind: two weeks is nothing compared to how long you’ve been wanting to lose weight.
  • Jhayhuan Behagan
    • Total weight lost in 15 days: 6 kgs (13.2 lbs)
    • Progression

    • What she has to say:

If you’re reading this while the pandemic is still on, there is no better time to do the BGC weight loss challenge since it’s easier to do when you’re at home. I didn’t get hungry; I didn’t work out. Yet I somehow, I still lost an incredible 8 kilos in two weeks. I feel more energetic, alive, and the best part: more confident.

  • Kristine Hammond
    • Total weight lost in 15 days: 2.25 kgs (4.95 lbs)
    • Progression:


    • What she has to say:

I’m a PBB Ex Housemate, a model, and a volleyball player. I’m a bit bulky because of my sport, but I wanted to lose weight because I’m in the entertainment industry. I may have only lost about four pounds in two weeks but I’m still very happy with the reduction around my midsection. You can see in the pictures 😊

To check out the 15-day regimen the girls went on to achieve their amazing results, click here.

The BGC blend is available in 180g pouch and 1kg bag. If you’re just doing the 15-day challenge and it’s just you, a single 180g pouch would be sufficient. If you want to go beyond 15 days to help maintain your weight, or if you’re doing it with other persons in the same household, the 1kg is a far better deal.

You can buy the BGC here, or at BeautyMNL.   

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