The Health Benefits Of Organic Maca Root In Our Sexual Activity

                Since the dawn of civilization, man has always been fascinated with the idea of aphrodisiacs. History records the attempts of the lowliest peasants and the most powerful kings to find that one herb, plant, fruit, food, or drug that will enhance their libido and heighten sexual pleasure. Modern medicine has come up with solutions to some of the physiological aspects of improved sexual performance, but has yet to come up with anything to safely boost a person’s desire for sexual activity. While the hunt for just such a substance continues in laboratories and research centers all over the globe, the answer may have been discovered thousands of years ago, on the high plains of Peru’s altiplano… maca powder.

                Maca root is a crop that is native to the Andes Mountains of South America. It has been cultivated and harvested for over six millennia, and was prized by the local people as one of their main food sources. The root was usually ground by natives into maca powder for use as flour or for mixing with water or other beverages. It wasn’t long before its special aphrodisiac properties were discovered and the ancient Incans restricted its use to only the highest ranking members of the royal court. When the Spanish conquistadores took over in the mid-16th century, they moved to eradicate local culture and replace it with their own, including all foodstuffs and crops. However, maca was one of the few exceptions they made, thinking enough of it to use it to pay tribute to the Spanish King. Even in Europe, its use was reserved only for the elite, which unfortunately led to maca slipping from the world’s collective memory for centuries to come.

                Upon its rediscovery in the late 20th century, maca was immediately noticed for its ability to affect the body’s endocrine system, a series of glands and organs that control all of our hormonal functions. This discovery revealed the secret behind maca’s potent aphrodisiac powers. Both male and female sex organs, the testes and the ovaries respectively, are part of the endocrine system, and manage our body’s levels of the essential hormones testosterone and estrogen. These hormones are primarily responsible for, among many other things, fertility, our levels of sexual desire and aggressiveness, and certain physical characteristics. This is why maca users report having an increased libido along with better sexual performance. In some cases, it has been used to effectively reduce incidences of erectile dysfunction in males. It is also credited with reducing or completely eliminating the unpleasant symptoms of PMS and menopause in women.

                To fully experience maca’s full sexual benefits, it is strongly advised that it be consumed almost immediately before engaging in sexual activity. Couples can share a beverage laced with a tablespoon of maca, and let its effects gradually take over. Maca also raises our energy levels and stamina allowing people to improve enhance their endurance as well. Its use as a fertility booster has been well documented as well. Scientific studies show that it improves both semen quantity and quality in men, and promoted healthier egg cells in women.

Maca’s ability to enhance our endocrine functions also goes beyond boosting our sexual functions. Its ability to influence our hormone levels has made it a very important herb in naturally treating several conditions and diseases such as diabetes, thyroid problems, adrenal gland deficiencies, and weak immune systems. This is because our hormone levels determine almost every single function of our body, and maca’s stabilizing influence allows it to work more efficiently and effectively. Maca is also packed with protein, fiber, and many essential vitamins and minerals among 70 other phytonutrients. Its nutritional value, coupled with its many health benefits have led scientists and researchers to classify it as an adaptogen, a special type of food or substance that increases the body’s overall well being.

Maca is an all natural superfood, and can be consumed by people of all ages. Organic raw maca powder can be eaten directly on its own, or used in preparation of meals or drinks. Because of its extreme potency, it is recommended that people start taking only one tablespoonful a day, gradually increasing the amount if desired.

Maca is just one of many recently rediscovered ancient foods. These functional foods were the basis upon which great civilizations like the Mayans and the Incans were able to build their grand empires. To find out more about maca and other similar superfoods, simply visit