Fun Ways To Use Acai Berries

                The healthy living industry is full of products that promise more than they can deliver. Oftentimes, you will hear of some magic pill or drink or exercise machine promising to deliver a fitter and healthier body with little to no effort and a hefty price tag. Misleading marketing and promotional campaigns like this have had an unfortunate side effect of making most people distrustful of such products. One of the more recent and most unfortunate victims of such insincere practices is the acai berry. The problem with most of the acai-based products on the market is that unscrupulous companies aren’t required to state how much of their product is actually made up of acai. In other words, they could put in the most miniscule amount of acai and get away with selling it as a health product. There is also the issue of preserving acai correctly. Part of the reason acai hadn’t been widely used beyond the Amazon Jungle has to do with the fact that the active components in acai disappear 24 hours after being picked from the tree. This could mean that other products that do contain significant amounts of acai may be ineffective because of improper preservation techniques.

The acai berry grows exclusively in the Amazon Jungle. There, an entire city has been built almost exclusively for the purpose of supplying the world’s demand for acai. This massive demand is fueled by acai’s high nutritional value as well as its reputation as an energy enhancer, aphrodisiac, and weight loss aid. It contains significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which protect the heart and circulatory system while promoting tissue growth development. Acai’s high antioxidant content has been shown to slow down the effects of aging and prevent the development of certain cancers and diseases. With so many health benefits, the growing demand for acai is indeed justified. However, consumers should take care to ensure that the products they buy are made with 100% pure acai. Roarganics supplies only acai powder of unmatched purity, made from pulp taken straight from the berry, with no added preservatives or extenders. And to make sure that you get to experience acai’s full range of health benefits, we preserve the acai pulp by using the revolutionary process of freeze drying.

                This acai powder can be consumed in a number of ways. People who are looking for a satisfying, filling, and energy packed breakfast can use it to make a thick and delicious porridge by mixing it in a bowl with some rolled oats, a few almonds, a cup of low fat yogurt and a cup of milk. Dishes like these have been popular in Brazil for decades, and the locals swear by its energy boosting capabilities. People who are looking for an extra healthy ingredient for their other dishes will be pleased to know that acai can be added to various baked treats, such as muffins, cookies, and cakes. Acai sherbet is another delicious, healthy, and novel dessert that will have the entire family asking for more. When mixed with some maca powder and chopped tomatoes, acai can also be used to make a batch of nutritious catsup to enjoy with a burger and some fries. Beyond these general uses, acai powder can also be adapted to meet some people’s more specialized needs.

Dieters can make their own signature acai juice by blending acai powder and other weight-loss promoting ingredients, such as wheatgrass, together to make an effective all natural dieting aid. Athletes, campers, and outdoorsmen can enjoy their acai on the go by mixing it with some nuts, a few bits of other dried fruit, and some granola to make excellent homemade energy bars. Bodybuilders looking to enjoy an antioxidant boost to go along with their protein shakes can add a spoonful of acai powder to some powdered whey protein and some fruits to make a delicious, refreshing, and nutritious beverage. Mothers hoping to ensure that their babies and toddlers get all the antioxidant protection they need can be put at ease, because acai powder can be mixed with all sorts of baby foods. The culinary possibilities of the acai berry are virtually inexhaustible, allowing its health and nutritional benefits to be enjoyed anytime by people of all ages.