Acai Berry: The Top Reasons Why This Superfood Is Great For Weight Loss & Diabetics.

One of the most obvious indicators of a person’s health is body weight. We generally view being overweight or being extremely underweight as both physically unattractive and as indicators of an unhealthy lifestyle. For this reason, the market for special foods and diets and complex exercise machines and programs has long been a multi-billion dollar industry. After decades of trying to develop artificial compounds to help promote weight loss, researchers and scientists have finally begun to look to natural means for a solution to this centuries old problem. There are those who feel that such a remedy has been found deep in the heart of the Amazon Jungle. There, researchers have found that the berries from the palm tree Euterpe oleracea have some very special properties beneficial to dieters, diabetics, the elderly or anyone who wants a natural way to look and feel great. This fruit is more popularly known as the acai berry.

The acai berry has escaped the attention of most of the world because of the fleeting nature of its special properties. Once plucked, an acai berry will only retain its nutritional value and special compounds for a mere 24 hours before disappearing. Roarganics ensures the preservation of our acai powder by supplying raw materials taken only from berries that have been freeze dried a short time after harvesting. This revolutionary process allows us to spread the acai berry and all its nutritional benefits anywhere across the globe.

The most popular use of the acai berry has been as a promoter of weight loss. Whole diets have been built around its regular consumption, and there are some multi-level marketing schemes built around product lines made up exclusively of acai based items. Unfortunately, most of these efforts are driven more by greed than a sincere desire to promote healthy living. The products sold by these companies may contain some extracts of acai berries in them, but oftentimes the actual amount constitutes only a small fraction of a product’s ingredients. Most of the acai berry juice sold on the market is composed mainly of extenders such as citric acid, preservatives, and artificial flavors. The worst of them even contain fructose, a sweetener that significantly raises the juice’s calorie count. Other acai based products may contain significant quantities of acai, but they may have been improperly handled and preserved, rendering them nutritionally valueless. This has fed a growing distrust of acai based products, which is unfortunate, as this leaves the nutritional and therapeutic potential of the acai berry unexplored and unrecognized by most people. To help counter this growing trend, Roarganics has resolved to supply only 100% pure acai powder, straight from the berry. This way, our customers will get to enjoy the significant health benefits of this amazing fruit without any extenders or compromises.

While acai is not exactly the miracle diet food it has often been made out to be, its consumption can be a big boost to any weight reduction program because of the large amounts of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and dietary fiber that it contains. Acai is particularly rich in both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are important for growth, muscular development, and the protection and enhancement of circulatory and cardiovascular functions. The high dietary fiber content of acai also plays a significant role by helping dieters feel fuller for much longer as the fiber itself cleans the walls of the intestines and helps make the body’s absorption of nutrients more efficient and effective.

New evidence also indicates that the consumption of acai may be beneficial to diabetics as well. Scientists point out that some of acai’s special compounds can help regulate insulin and blood sugar levels. Scientists think that the oleic acid and the omega-3 found in the acai berry work in conjunction with one another to help make cell membranes more permeable to hormones and neurotransmissions. This has the net effect of making the body’s chemistry, particularly that of the endocrine system, more effective. This special property of acai could lead to it being used as part of a therapeutic diet for people afflicted with all sorts of ailments related to the endocrine system. This is one of the reasons that the acai berry has been recognized as a booster of the body’s immune system. While acai consumption should not be substituted for any medications taken for diabetes and other diseases, using acai in conjunction with them can lead to better results.