Nice & Easy Does It

When it comes to working out, getting started doesn’t have to be as hard as you think it would be. People who are out of shape, the ones who badly need to work out, dread the thought of working out simply because they think it’s going to be hard.

You watch an exercise video and you see the person demonstrating the moves grunting, scrunching his face, sweating hard … and you say to yourself “it would be awesome if I can do that” but when you ask yourself “when?”, you come up with a set of excuses or just totally dismiss the thought and avoid the question.

Because the videos we watch of ripped and sexy people working out, for the most part, don’t tell us one thing: they gained their physiques, strength, and physical abilities because they ENJOY working out. But if you think about it, they all just started as physically incapable just like everybody else! Have you ever seen a toddler do 50 perfect pushups?

At some point in their lives, these people decided to do move. Maybe they just decided to pick up a basketball, or a dumbbell. Or maybe they decided to hang from a pole and see if they could pull themselves up. Or maybe they decided to take a walk early in the morning because the air is nice and refreshing.

Then they discovered, “hey, this is actually pretty good”. And it all starts from there. They enjoyed themselves; they realized it makes them feel good. And soon enough they’re looking for things to do to add a bit more variety and thrill to what they’re doing. They went from simply having fun to challenging themselves.

So if you’re out of shape and you’ve been putting off working out, just chill and think of something fun to do and just do it. Enjoy yourself and keep it up.  That’s the first step. You will know you’re ready for step two when you get there.