It was 2014, when I discovered the joy of having that option to eat and drink healthier stuff when superfoods became available and within my reach through Roarganics Superfoods. Ever since then, our family has enjoyed nutrition-packed and delicious smoothies that help improve digestion, overall mood and energy levels, and kept us feeling full for longer periods of time.

I personally love barley, wheatgrass, and chia seeds. These have helped greatly improve my digestion, that I no longer have to turn to other forms of laxatives to keep my colon clean and healthy. These also perfectly complement my workouts as I strive to advocate both active living and healthy eating.


Louela Lina / Angeles City

I love Roarganics! Helped me lose weight and live healthy. I actually started at 66kg (i don’t have photo), and after 2 months I lost 5kg. Honestly I still give in to my cravings from time to time. But Roarganics helped me a lot in minimizing a lot of those junk foods i used to eat everyday.

I am not yet fit, still overweight, but I am getting there. I love the meals from roarganics, so delicious. I even find myself looking forward to the meal they would deliver the next day. Eventually, I’ll totally forget those junk foods and live 100% healthier. Thank you very much Roarganics!

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Joan Magalang / Angeles City

I’m halfway through my second week of the BGC Diet and it makes me healthy kase parang cleansing sya na it makes me drink water more than the usual, and so far i’ve lost 5 kgs. So love it!

Karen Cuenca / Mandaluyong

Roarganics is so easy to work with. Very accommodating and reliable. Always hassle free transactions and superb products! Thank you!

Michelle Roque / Quezon City

Although I haven’t been consistent in following the BGC crash diet program, i still lost a lot of weight. I feel lighter and more comfortable now. The detox effect is also a big bonus. It’s really amazing!

Arlene Pinggoy / Surralah City

I’ve lost 4 kilos in 2 weeks using the green coffee extract! 🙂 

Zenaida Tabing / Tanauan City, Batangas

The Chia Seeds I ordered the other day was for my co-worker, I gave her a few samples of chia seeds from my first order and she was really impressed with the results. Everyone in our office is so curious about what I’m drinking everyday and I told them about the wonderful benefits I personally experienced in drinking chia seeds and chocolate mix everyday. I told them about the other good stuffs in your website and invite them to visit it. More power to Roarganics!

Joseph Esporlas / Sampaloc, Manila

I’ve been getting my regular healthy fix of chlorella, spirulina and green coffee extract from Roarganics. They are 100% legit with their products, they have great customer service and i love the free shipping as soon as my order is completed! I’ll be regularly ordering from theme for their other superfood products because good health is the best investment that we can make for ourselves. I’m happy to have Roarganics as a solid partner on my road to being Fit at 40!

Crissy Hernandez / Quezon City

The items were shipped out and delivered within the time frame. Staff are very accommodating; no problem at all even when i had a change in mind with my prior order. The packaging of the products are catchy, informative, and well-thought of. I hope to get maximum benefits from my superfoods!

Dina Dela Cruz / Cabanatuan City

I was so excited when I found out about Roarganics Superfoods.  As a busy person who does not have enough time to cook the healthiest meals everyday, superfoods is the best bet to be able to meet the daily recommended intake of essential nutrients.  And I am happy to have known Roarganics who sells the top superfoods in the market.

I think their superfoods gave me a guilt-free feeling of stilll having time for my career and other extra-curricular activities. It so happened that I usually research for healthy foods to cook or to include in the diet of not only for myself and my husband, but also for my parents.  Well sometimes, it becomes too overwhelming, because one cannot really get all the essential nutrients in just few foods, not to mention the ample amount of time spent in preparing meals that should suffice all those nutrients.  Through Roarganics Superfoods, I think I’m able to save more time in other stuff that I need to do everday.
Although supplements may be taken to compensate for the lack of nutrients, some supplements may not be safe.  They still may have some preservatives or other unknown chemicals in them that may be detrimental to one’s health in the long run. Roarganics Superfoods are natural and organic. It’s better to consume something without the fear of enduring some side-effects, right? I know Roarganics Superfoods are reliable, because before I purchase anything, I make certain it’s worthwhile by researching everything about the certain product.  
With regard to the Roarganics staff, I think they themselves are perfect testimonies of their products. Why do I say so? Well, I am an inquisitive person. I get very satisfying answers from them. Their answers are not scripted unlike other sellers’. They guide you to whatever concern you have with regard to their products.  Their answers are from the years of experience they spent on Superfoods, and from their genuine passion on their business. Most importantly, they do not bluff! I think for Filipinos like us, buying something credible from a nice and genuine seller has more weight than just buying a good product per se.
Lastly, I believe food is medicine, that’s why God provides us with every food that can heal us 🙂 It’s just a matter of finding the right food for our personal health conditions.  Having known Roarganics Superfoods helped me to find an answer not only for me and my husband’s health condition, but also for my parents’.  It may not be a panacea, but well, including superfoods in our lifestyle makes a big step already towards a much better well-being. After all, health is wealth.  And health will always play a role in our overall feeling of wellness and beauty 🙂 
Nota bene: I was not paid to write this testimonial.  I think that other people deserve to know some good news, so why not share what I know, right? 🙂 Thanks for reading!!!
Aikko De Guzman / Makati City

I am loving my shake! Roarganics was kind enough to allow customizing my BGC package to half wheatgrass and half barley grass when i requested for it because i have long been a wheatgrass taker. (By the way, they taste almost the same.) 

I am at the end of my 1st week of taking it. There are days when i just take it for breakfast and times when i take it as 2 meal replacements. I love the cleansing benefits it affords me. I have not weighed myself again yet, but i can feel that i have slimmed down a little already. Now my boyfriend and sister also want to take it so i am ordering for them as well 🙂

I will weigh myself at the end of the second week and give another feedback.

Becca Castro / Quezon City