Roarganics is a supplier of superfoods based in San Fernando, Pampanga. We offer free shipping nationwide. We cater to retail, wholesale, and bulk clients.

Prior Roarganics, we had a company based in Seattle, Washington that had been the supplier of functional food ingredients (aka Superfoods) to manufacturers, distributors, and retail establishments such as specialty groceries, restaurants and bakeries in the US, Canada and other countries. Roarganics only started in 2014, but we’ve been in the natural health industry since a decade earlier.

When we moved to the Philippines, we realized that many Filipinos had the inclination towards natural health. But the options were limited and so was the information. There wasn’t really much in terms of where they can go to educate themselves. They only had what was fed to them by who’s selling this or that – and it’s usually very incomplete and sometimes even deliberately inaccurate information.

The market is largely dominated by companies who all had an informal sales force of people who were more bent towards recruitment rather than product specialization (Get rich quick schemes never lose their appeal). With our background in supply and distribution of superfoods, we decided we could start our own retail brand. And we could do things differently than everybody else…

How? By offering pure superfoods at reasonable prices, no shipping fee, and no BS marketing.


We believe that a person’s health is his or her own responsibility. When everything is said and done, if you’re an adult capable of thinking for your own and you have the means to take care of yourself, it’s really your call. 

(Medical) professionals are there to give advice. Some advice are educated, but unfortunately some are tainted with bias. It’s up to the person to find out what his or her options are with regards to maintaining health, fitness, and treating medical conditions. To choose to listen only to the most popular advice without doing your own research is easy but risky.

The nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries have been at war ever since –the underlying reason for which is that synthetically produced medicine and supplements can be patented (which can make billions of dollars for the holder and producers). We may be a natural health company but we’re not taking sides.

Science is important, but we can’t presume to know everything better than nature. At least not yet. We believe that hard science has led to tremendous advancements in medicine and healthcare and no one can refute that. But we also believe that those with vested interest and lobbying power can sometimes tip public opinion in their favor even if there are better options. This is sometimes to the detriment of patients

We also believe that nature, it so happened, has provided alternatives that are just as effective or sometimes even better than conventional treatments.

Neither nutraceutical or pharmaceutical companies should be seen as exclusively trustworthy. There are companies who taint their respective industries with greed by deliberately lying or twisting the truth and fear-mongering. An example of these are companies who sell one product and markets it as a cure-all (this is very prevalent in the Philippines among network marketing companies claiming to be proponents of natural health). These are today’s real-life examples of snake oil salesmen.

Our job is to offer you alternatives and provide as much correct information about them as possible so you can make your own educated decision – as opposed to having someone else make it for you. Why? Because only someone who sincerely cares about you can make decisions without the intent to profit or benefit otherwise from your condition or goals. You have friends and family. But even they can get lazy looking for answers.

We provide products and present them as it is, we will try our best to avoid the use of hype. Afterall, with the wide variety of choices nature has to offer, our job should be to strive to make those choices available to you – not sell you something you don’t need.

Our mission is to attract, attain, and retain customers with high quality, reasonably-priced products, offer an excellent service leading to unparalleled customer experience, and present unbiased information in a manner that is easy to understand thus enabling them to make smart decisions for themselves.

Our vision is to become the number one source of natural health products and services and to become the most comprehensive online source of reliable information regarding natural health and fitness.