Abigail’s Transformation: Days 1-10

Abigail Atip
32 years old. Sta. Mesa, Manila
5.1 kgs lost in 10 days without exercise.

I’m 32 year of age and a mom of two. I’ve started gaining weight since I got my first born child and never got back to my petite figure – hopefull until now!

I tried doing exercises and yoga after a year of giving birth. They helped in slimming down to an extent,  however due to toxic work schedule, stress at home and work, I binged in eating. So my weight issue persisted.

After giving birth to my 2nd child I didn’t care at all about my figure. I had no time for exercise due to a busy schedule – or so I told myself. I began putting on a lot more weight and people started calling me chubby. I was depressed and under motivated. My flabby tummy and sagging arms bothers me a lot because I’ve lost the confidence to wear my form-fitting clothes anymore.

I eat a lot of meat. I paid no attention to my sodium and sugar intake. And I almost never ate vegetables. For all I knew, I may have been on a fast-track to having diabetes, heart disease, and more.

When I learned about the Roarganics’ BGC weight loss package, I decided to give it a try.

I must admit, since it was my first time ever to deliberately eat healthy, the first day wasn’t easy. I’d been so accustomed to eating junk. But on my 2nd day, I was surprised to see that I’d lost 1 kilogram! I was amazed because I didn’t think it was possible at first – but there I was! Check out my pictures if you don’t believe me.

On my 10th day, I had lost a total of 5.1 kilos (11.22 lbs) without doing any exercise. By all means, I still have a lot to go. You can check my pictures. But with Roarganics – I know i’ll make it. My name is Abigail Atip, a 32-year-old mother of 2, and on my way to looking and feeling better than ever.

I’ll post my Day 11-20 pictures soon!

PS … If you want to get 10% off the regular price of the BGC weight loss package, use my discount code, “loseweightwithabhie”. Thanks!Abigail D1 Abigail D2 Abigail D3 Abigail D4 Abigail D5 Abigail D6 Abigail D7 Abigail D8 Abigail D9 Abigail D10

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