Sabrina’s Transformation: Days 1-10

Sabrina Perez, Days: 10/90
26 years old, Mandaluyong City
6 kgs lost in 10 days. No exercise.


I was fat since I was a kid. When I reached my teenage years, I gained more weight. Then I also suffered from Hormonal imbalance, which made me gain so much more. I have tried a lot of expensive slimming products. Some worked some not.

Taking those synthetic slimming products gave me palpitations, nausea, vomiting, I also felt sluggish and had LBM. I even fainted at work. When I stopped taking those synthetic slimming products, I gained all my weight back. Few months later, I found out I have enlarged liver and small kidney cysts probably because of taking those synthetic slimming products.  Since then, I always eat fruits and veggies and I always buy organic goods from health stores.

When I heard about Roarganics’ BGC Weight Loss Program, I gave it a try.

I weighed 79 kilos on my first day. And then 77 kilos and my 2nd day. I could tell that this product is superb. I don’t worry about losing kilos in just 1 day because I know I am feeding my body the right nutrition. I didn’t have any more palpitations, nausea, and LBM. I do not feeling sluggish at all. Nothing!  I am more energized and more focused or alert at work. I even noticed the glow on my skin.

I used to have irregular period and every time I have it, I always experience dysmenorrhea. The pain is excruciating. When I started taking the BGC smoothie, I have never felt the pain having my period on a monthly basis. It became regular and normal. Also, my uric acid level went down (I had high uric acid)

Every morning and night, my feet and heels hurt that I can’t even walk properly because of gout. I made a research that Barley grass is good for those suffering from gout. BGC did not only help me lose weight but also helped me with other health issues. I am still taking the BGC. Most of my friends noticed that I’ve lost weight. Some of my clothes fit me now. I am so excited to continue my weight loss journey with Roarganics. Thank God I discovered this amazing product.

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Sabrina D1 Sabrina D2 Sabrina D3 Sabrina D4 Sabrina D6 Sabrina D8 Sabrina D10.

Daily Observation:

  • Day 1 09/25/17 – I weigh 79 kgs. I ate oat meal with half slice of banana for breakfast. For lunch and dinner I had the bgc smoothie and I noticed I dont feel hungry at all. It also tastes like Matcha. I like it.
  • Day 2. 09/26/17 – I weigh 77kgs! How fast. Im so happy with the result. I ate salad for breakfast and for my lunch and dinner the bgc smoothie.
  • Day 3 09/27/17 – I weigh 76.2kgs and I feel more energetic. I feel more focused and active. I don’t feel like sluggish like other products out there.
  • Day 4 09/28/17 – I weigh 75.5kgs. As time goes by I am getting excited. I feel like its not impossible to reach my ideal body weight with tthis bgc diet.
  • Day 5 09/29/17 – I weigh 75.2kgs not much of a difference but i still loss pounds. And I am happy about it.
  • Day 6 09/30/17 – I weigh 74.4kgs. So far I’ve lost 4.6kgs. Absolutely incredible. I am really looking forward to losing more kilograms of fat! Keri ko to!
  • Day 7- Day 12 10/01/17 to 10/07/2017 I weigh 73.3 kgs nalang! I don’t know if nag plateau na ako pero I am still seeing changes with my body. Nagka leeg na ako. Medyo nagkakaroon na din ako ng collarbone. and my waist, medyo lumiit na. I am so happy.

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