Ivana’s Transformation: Days 1-10

Marjorie Ivana Marie C. Radin
27 years old, Mandaluyong City
Days: 10/90

I used to be really thin, think K-pop Idol level. And it was so very easy for me to lose weight when I wanted to. And so I never thought I’d gain so much weight when I got pregnant, nor did I think that it would be so difficult and so slow for me to lose it all again. It became one of the things I became depressed about, especially when people would demean me because of my excess weight.

In the first 10 days of my 90 day transformation with Roarganics, I lost 3.2 kilos (over 7 pounds) without exercise on the BGC diet.

The BGC diet really works, though you have to follow it to a tee. I cheated on my diet a couple of times so my weight loss has fluctuated a bit. I could have probably lost a lot more if I didn’t. But it really helps in maintaining my current weight stable.

The smoothie for me tastes good, its smell is reminiscent of matcha green tea. The consistency is something to get used too. It didn’t pose any problem for me since I love smoothies. It made me feel full, and curbed my cravings. There were times I didn’t feel hungry until evening. And I didn’t feel tired at all. For the first 2 days I did feel dizzy, and tired but that was to be expected. My body was probably experiencing a sugar withdrawal, but after that I felt more energy!

One other thing, my face has been clear of pimples! No new acne since I started the BGC diet, even when I had my period!

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Keep checking back! I’ll be posting my progress here until i reach 90 days! Please also join the Roarganics Group on Facebook to get first dibs on cool offers and to get the latest news from Roarganics 🙂



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