Fitness Benefits of Maca Root Powder


Maca is a root crop that is native to the mountains of Peru and Bolivia. It varies in size and shape but it usually looks similar to a turnip.

It comes in yellow, black and red – with the latter two being more uncommon than the yellow variety. This is a fact that some companies decided to capitalize on by spreading rumors that they are more potent than the common yellow variety but all are just unsubstantiated claims.

Maca is commonly sold in capsules and are marketed for hormonal balance, fertility and libido enhancement, and for boosting physical and mental performance. We sell maca in loose powder form you get a best deal for your buck.

FYI: encapsulation process can add 400% to 500% manufacturing cost. Next time you see a bottle of maca root powder in capsules, check how many grams are inside the bottle.


Maca is a powerful adaptogen which helps the mind and body adjust to environmental stress. Whereas some herbs and superfoods work by increasing the production of specific hormones, maca works by optimizing the levels according to what your body needs.

Most lab research to test the effects of maca have only been done on animals. But its amazing effects on the human body, although mostly anecdotal, are plentiful and go as far back as the colonial era when the Spanish first settled in the Americas.

Increased Fat Burn

If you’re working out to lose weight, one of the best ways to burn a lot of fat is by taking maca prior to working out. Maca helps you burn the stored fat to convert it to energy and cause you to sweat – A LOT.

For best results, take maca and a couple bananas prior to working out to help eliminate more of the unwanted “water weight”.

Increased Strength

Muscle strength is best understood as the maximum amount of tension that a muscle or muscle group can withstand. Strength training is good for more than just recreational purposes, it’s also practical. It has been shown that heavy lifting not only improves your body’s appearance and performance should a real-life need arise for you to push or pull something heavy, it also stimulates the release of chemicals called endorphins which triggers positive emotions similar to morphine.

Taking maca 30 minutes or even a few hours prior to working out has been shown to have a significant positive effect in strength.

Increased Endurance

Whereas muscle strength has to do with the amount of weight you can push or pull, endurance has to do with how long those muscles can repeatedly perform the same task. Maca helps with endurance in two ways. First, it gives you the energy you need to keep pushing. Second, it helps your mind focus. The second one is just as important (if not more so) than the first because as any real athlete can attest: when you train, you’re actually training your psychological and emotional capacity to push your body through its limits.

Muscle repair and recovery

Perhaps the best benefit an athlete can get from maca is hastened recovery. When you exercise, you create tears in your muscles which when healed result in them being harder, stronger, better performing. This healing time is the recovery period.

Taking maca an hour or 30 minutes prior to exercise helps delay the onset of muscle fatigue and shortens the required rest period before you can engage in another round.

For bodybuilders, this also means faster muscle development.

The suggested dose for maca is anywhere from 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per day, 5 days per week. It is ideally taken only after having had adequate sleep. If you’re taking maca to improve physical performance, you might also be interested in Yohimbe and Tribulus – two other fast-acting, performance enhancing superfoods.

The three health benefits of maca discussed in this article only account for some of its physical effects that you might find interesting if you’re into fitness. Please note that maca has a host of other benefits ranging from being an anti-depressant, butt and breast enhancement for women, and warding off senility. To learn more about maca, please browse through our blog section.

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