Bulk supply of superfoods

Roarganics offers superfoods in bulk to repackers, distributors, manufacturers, and other buyers who are able to meet the bulk minimum order quantities.

  • Repackers – Those who transfer the superfoods to different packaging and put their own labels on them.
  • Distributors – Those who buy our superfoods in bulk and re-sell them unbranded or with their own institutional brand to their clients as raw material.
  • Manufacturers – Those who buy our superfoods as raw material to be used as ingredients in their finished food or non-food products (e.g.: energy bars, trail mix, soaps, lotions, etc.)

Difference between bulk and wholesale:

  • Bulk – the superfoods are unbranded and come in institutional size packaging. The minimum is measured in kilos. The prices are lower than wholesale.
  • Wholesale – The superfoods come with our label. They come in smaller sizes. The minimum order is measured in order value. The prices are higher than bulk.

As of April 20, 2017 the following products are available for bulk purchase. Clicking on an item will lead you to the respective retail page for detailed product description

Minimum order quantity promo offer:

Our MOQ for ordering in bulk is normally at least 20 kilos of any one item (e.g.: 20 kilos barley grass powder). But until Sept 30, 2017, you can get bulk pricing as long as your total combined order of different items is equivalent to at least 20 kilos.

If you’re interested in buying in bulk, just call or text us at 0917-844-7627 or send us an email at hello@roarganics.com.

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