Chlorella and Spirulina: Are you getting the real deal?

The word “superfood” is being thrown around by people ranging from natural health supplement manufacturers all the way to health gurus – of which there are two kinds: the legit and the wannabes. But what IS a superfood, really?

We’ll be honest. The term doesn’t really have any scientific or medical value. It’s actually a word coined probably by some natural health nut (we fall into this category) and then became a wildly popular marketing word in the natural health industry. Want to sell something? Find something uncommon in most parts of the world and call it a superfood. Don’t want to make money off of anything in particular but want to attract attention? Find something that IS common and call it a superfood – like an egg. Or bacon.

If you ask us though to define superfoods, we’d like to say it’s any food drawn from nature that is either A. exceptionally nutritionally dense, B. very effective in delivering specific health benefits, or C. both.

If we are to categorize superfoods, we’d have put them into three groups:

  1. Super fruits and veggies. These are stuff like goji, acai, bittergourd, etc.
  2. Super grains. Stuff like chia, flax, quinoa, etc.
  3. Super greens. Stuff like barley, wheatgrass, moringa, spirulina, and chlorella.


In this article, we’ll cover the two heavyweights of the super greens category: chlorella and spirulina. These are two of the most powerful superfoods on the planet. In fact so powerful that, if it weren’t for their strong seaweed smell and flavor, we could live off of them entirely and we’d all be extremely healthy and all the better for it.


They’re also fascinating because they could be extremely beneficial to the planet if more people decided to collaborate and produce chlorella and spirulina not just for food but also as a means to help reverse global warming through carbon sequestration.  Those that aren’t meant to be eaten (by us ground creatures) could be deliberately grown for the purpose of naturally extracting carbon from the air and allowing it to sink to the bottom of the world’s ocean – which in theory results in cleaner air and more fish.


Both spirulina and chlorella are touted as the world’s richest sources of chlorophyll. We all know from elementary that chlorophyll is the stuff that makes plants green. It’s plant blood. But what’s so special about chlorophyll apart from producing the color of nature?

Chlorophyll makes the blood alkaline and better able to carry and process oxygen. So again one might ask, “so… why is that important?”

Simply put, there’s this Nobel laureate (a fancy title for someone who is renowned for making a significant contribution to humanity) born in the late 1800’s named Otto Heinrich Warburg. The physiologist discovered that sick people and even those with cancer have two things in common when you examine their blood:  it’s acidic and poorly oxygenated. Apparently, this is the perfect environment to wake up cancer cells and encourage them to multiply.

Ok, If that’s not important to you, you’re either too young or too stupid. Or you’re a robot and you don’t get cancer.

Dr. Warburg didn’t particularly say that you should eat chlorella or spirulina or barley or wheatgrass or any other green superfood. But curiously enough, when you drink this “plant blood” known as chlorophyll, it turns your blood alkaline (the reverse of acidic) and makes it richly oxygenated – which suffocates cancer cells. That, plus a host of other benefits.

Want to live long? Don’t drink blood. Drink chlorophyll.

Psh! Vampires…


Spirulina and Chlorella has long had somewhat of a stigma of being foods for scrawny hippies. Recent advances in medical research are discovering the merits of nutrition in fitness.

Yeah, there will always be steroid junkies looking for immediate gains. But if you want sustainable fitness and you understand that bigger isn’t always stronger, you should look into optimizing your nutrition intake.

More and more natural bodybuilders and other athletes turn to spirulina and chlorella to help keep their blood oxygenated for improved performance and faster recovery. It also helps ensure improved cell health and regeneration as they continually put their bodies through rigorous physical challenges.


Spirulina and chlorella are undeniably two of the superfoods that you can add to your regular diet. Although they’ve been around for eons, companies, especially network marketing companies, capitalize on it as if it’s a newly invented patented medicine.

Take for example this one network marketing company in the Philippines whose name starts with the letter R and they have an army of under-trained distributors who are more likely to sell you on their “business opportunity” than their product. Their retail price is 1159 php for a bottle of 90 capsules and each capsule has 1000mg of spirulina. To the gullible eyes, this may sound like a big deal, like, “wow, you mean I’m getting 90,000 milligrams of spirulina for only 1159 php?”

But if you look at it, 1000 milligrams is just 1 gram. If you divide 1159 php by 90 capsules or 90 grams, you get a cost of 12.87 php per gram. If you dare to look around a bit and not act impulsively (these network marketers specialize in tapping impulsive behavior), you’ll discover that there’s us who sell spirulina by the kilo for so much less.  Check it out here.


Roarganics specializes in superfoods. We sell them direct to consumers, and we sell them to wholesale for repacking, manufacturing, and distribution. We’ve been doing this for years and we know what we’re talking about. And most importantly, we don’t BS you and will always try to make our products as affordable as possible to those who need them.

Oh, we offer free shipping to anywhere in the Philippines too!

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  1. steven says:

    hi, i would like to know where do get your chlorella and spirulina? i’ve heard and read so many things about them especially the countries where they came from. kindly email me your answer and hopefully you could back it up why that country/countries are your source. i’m very willing to buy from you monthly if i know your source. thanks!

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