7 Things to Expect While on the BGC Crash Diet (No. 4 is a must-read!)

The BGC is a 3 week crash diet program where you can lose up to a whopping 1 kilo per day. BGC stands for Barley and Green Coffee – the two of the three main ingredients that comprise the smoothie blend (the third one being bananas).

Here are a few things to realistically expect, along with some tips, when you go on the BGC Crash Diet:

  1. You can lose up to 1 kilo per day, but results vary from person to person

There is a recommended graduating sequence for doing the BGC over a span of 3 weeks. It gradually increases the number of meals you replace with the BGC on a weekly basis. You will lose weight still relatively fast compared to other weight loss programs, but if you’re really determined to lose weight fast, you can replace ALL meals right away with the BGC on your first week.

The 1 kilo per day is an average – which means you can lose less or more than a kilo.

TIP: Keep a weighing scale handy. Step on it before and after each serving. You’ll be amazed to see how fast your weight drops within 24 hours.

  1. If you go full, you may not have enough to go on for a workout

The BGC Crash Diet is unique in that it’s the only crash diet program that intensely supplements your cells with nutrition while providing a total body detox and causing immediate weight reduction. But going full (as in replace all meals) only provides enough protein to go on for a moderately physically active lifestyle – as in active but you don’t go to the gym!

But going on the BGC while working out may actually be better than doing the BGC alone because you can get the combined result of losing fat while getting muscle definition – but it requires a little modification…

TIP: We understand that are some people who can’t spend a day without working out. If you’re such a person, we recommend eating hard boiled eggs (no salt) before and after working out and adding half a teaspoon of maca root powder to your BGC servings.

  1. You could get a headache if you go full right away

This doesn’t happen to everyone. But for some who go full right away because they want to maximize their weight drop to time spent ratio, they may experience a headache the first day or two because of the sudden change in food intake.

For this reason, we recommend going through the gradual three-week sequence first. But if you’re confident you can take on the possible temporary headache, we can’t stop you.

  1. Three servings may not be enough

This part is very important. The seemingly counterintuitive thing about going on the BGC Crash Diet is that you should never allow yourself to starve. EVER! You should have a serving whenever you feel hungry.

There’s a simple analogy behind this though: The body’s metabolism is like a furnace and the idea is to keep it burning. To do that, you should feed the fire just enough wood with timing. Feed it too much at once and it will have difficulty keeping the flames up. Feed it too little and you risk the fire going out.

That said, the key is to pay attention to your timing – know when you’re hungry. If you try to overcompensate by deliberately having too few servings, you will suffer because the fire in your furnace (your metabolism) will have mellowed down.

So just because you’re replacing breakfast, lunch and dinner doesn’t mean you will only need three servings. You may actually need four or five servings spread throughout the day.

  1. It works, but not if you cheat yourself

The biggest risk if you go partial (as in you only replacement some of your meals in a day) is that you risk sabotaging your progress. For some, the case is ever worse because they cheat themselves by not following the simple protocol: avoid carbs, sugar and salt. Even if you eat only one solid meal per day but you eat indulgently, you can negate the benefits of the two meals you replaced.

  1. Your weight reduction will slow after your third week

The reason why we recommend doing full meal replacement no more than three weeks is that if you’re still doing it after three weeks, you’re just punishing yourself unnecessarily. By then, your body no longer thinks it’s on a “Crash Diet”. It’s accepted the BGC drink as a normal meal. You could still lose weight but no longer as fast.

This may not be the case when you’re working out while you’re on the BGC diet because you have more influence on your body’s metabolism through the intensity of your exercise sessions.

TIP: This is when you should try to enjoy the lighter body by doing something with it! Get out, play, and have fun!

  1. It requires a lifestyle change to maintain your reduced weight

So let’s say you’ve lost 21 kilos in 21 days. Congratulations!

From a certain perspective, you’re at a more critical scenario because now because if you did BGC without exercise, your body is now accustomed to lower intake of calories and burning that amount of calories. So what now? Completing the third week is halfway through the tunnel. You can either go back the way you came, or you can commit to a lifestyle change and get out of there.

TIP: Stick to the rule that got you where you are: continue purging your body of junk and keep them out. Avoid simple carbs unless necessary, and stay away from sodium and sugar. And hey come on, losing weight isn’t enough, is it? You want a great body. Not just a skinny one. You know what to do and completing the BGC means you got what it takes!


After doing the BGC program successfully, here’s a big question:


After the 3rd week, your body’s weight reduction will have slowed down. Here’s are three things you can do.

  1. Start working out.
  2. Eat responsibly. Do one or more of the following:
    1. Continue to avoid unnecessary carbs, salt and sugar
    2. Take the BGC before meals so you’d feel partially full and won’t eat as much.
    3. Take the BGC in place of your evening meals. If the caffeine is keeping you up at night, take it in the morning instead.
    4. Get the Bora 365 Tea Package instead which is actually meant to be the maintenance package for those who’ve gone through the BGC Crash Diet.
  3. If you still need to lose more weight quickly, wait one month to work your metabolism up, then do the BGC Crash Diet again.

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